Thursday, March 30, 2006

Well, I am back. I have not done this is a while because I was on spring break and then had lots of work. Spring break was a lot of fun. I had an interview with RubinBrown, an Accouting Firm in St. Louis, MO. I thought it went real well. On the weekend, I went to the University of Missouri, Columbia to visit some friends and watch the beginning of the NCAA tournament. Once I got back to school, I had to start studying for a big accounting quiz. I did real well on it too. Now I have a test in accounting this Sunday. It is going to really suck. In the last couple days, Indiana just hired its new basketball coach. He has been at Oklahoma for over ten years. His name is Kelvin Sampson. This should finally turn around Indiana's basketball program. I also have been talking to a business advisor about taking classes this summer and either going for a MBA in Accounting or a double major in Accounting and Finance. Well I have to go. It is finally warm again.


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