Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Its been a little bit over a week since I have made a posting. This is so b/c I was out of town for a while and wasn't by a computer. The past couple of days have been real stressful for me and now my ex-girlfriend. We broke up over a couple things, but will have a chance to get back together around Spring Break after we both work a couple things out. I miss her a lot and its been hard. This week I have also started to go to the library to concentrate on studying. So far its helped a lot in my courses. Today has been great so far. I went and worked out, came back and talked to the ex for a while, studied for a quiz and then went to my night class. In my night class we had a quiz and I did really well. This Telecommunications class seems like its going to be that hardest one for me this semester b/c I know the least about it. I really need to get an A in here and I hope I do get it. I'm going to have to study and read a lot for this class in order to do that. Well, I have to get back to reading so I'll make another posting in a day or so to catch up. Bye


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